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Keeping all of the records for Cub Scout advancement can be a real chore. Den Manager is designed to make communication between Den Leaders, Parents, and the Pack Awards Chairperson simple.

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Understanding requirements for advancement is easy

As a parent, it can be a daunting task to make sense of all of the requirements that your son must complete to advance through cub scouts. There is a whole new vocabulary (rank, achievement, elective, pin, belt loop, etc.) and the requirements are spread out through many pages of your Cub Scout manual.

Den Manager presents all the requirements for your son's Cub Scout journey in an easy to understand way accessible from any computer over the Internet. Many parents have told us that until they started using Den Manager they were completely overwhelmed and confused about how to help their son advance.

Screenshot of parent is reviewing the "Requirement a." from the "Your Flag" achievement for the Wolf rank.
Parents can sign off requirements online, on their own time

Many of the requirements that a Cub Scout is required to do can be done at home, but keeping track of the completion of those requirements and then communicating that information to your Den Leader is cumbersome.

With Den Manager, parents have an account that they use to signoff requirements for their son. When they've signed off a requirement their Den Leader is automatically notified and since Den Manager is keeping track of when an award is complete the Den Leader (or Awards Coordinator) will be able to tell when it's time to order the award with the Council office.

Screenshot after signing off "Requirement a." from the "Your Flag" achievement for the Wolf rank.
Leaders confirm requirements signed off by parents

Den Leaders love Den Manager because it frees them up from having to manage spreadsheets, posters, or notebooks to keep track of what requirements a boy has completed. It also frees up time in the Den Meeting to focus on fun stuff that boys like instead of marking up scout manuals.

With Den Manager, a Den Leader simply signs in and is presented with a list of requirements that parents have signed off for them to review. If they work on requirements during a meeting the Den Leader can sign off requirements directly. Den Manager frees up leaders to focus on the things that they love; working with boys to create a great scouting experience (NOT managing paperwork).

Screenshot of a Den Leader with 17 requirements needing signoff.
Leaders review awards for the pack

After the cub scouts have done the hard work of earning their awards and parents and Den Leaders have both signed off requirements it's time to have a Court of Honor where the boys are presented with their awards. In order to do this the pack must coordinate with their Council office to order awards. Den Manager makes this process easy too.

In the "Manage Awards" feature leaders can review the list of awards that need to be submitted to the council. Awards that have already been ordered can be marked as "granted" so that they aren't ordered a second time.

Screenshot reviewing awards to be granted for Pack 123.
Awards information can be downloaded into Excel

When the Awards Coordinator is ready to submit awards to the council he or she can simply print out the list from what we saw above. Alternatively sometimes it is easier to work with the list when it is in Excel. Also, some packs have found Excel to be a nice way to print out a list of awards per scout to be used at the Court of Honor.

Downloading into Microsoft Excel
Mark an award as granted

Keeping track of which awards have been granted to a scout is necessary so that a given award isn't ordered multiple times. It's also a nice way to review the entire historical progress of your pack.

Screenshot of the Bicycle Loop and Pin marked as "Granted"
Parents review awards their son has earned

As their son completes requirements, Den Manager will automatically show the awards as they are completed as well. Parents can tell which awards are completed and which awards the pack has given out at a Court of Honor.

Screenshot of parent reviewing awards their son has earned
Dependencies between requirements

Many Cub Scout awards have dependencies between them (i.e. the first requirement for an award may be "Earn Award X"). Den Manager takes care of all of these dependencies for you and makes this easy.

The "BB Shooting Pin" requires that the "BB Shooting Belt Loop" be earned first.
Complicated requirements made easy

Sometimes the rules for an award can get downright complicated! Take for example Arrow Points for the Wolf and Bear ranks. Arrow Points are earned for every 10 requirements that are completed. Keeping track of those requirements and figuring out the best way to use extra requirements towards Arrow Points is hard work, but it's hard work that Den Manager does for you!

The complicated rules for Arrow Points
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